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Bob Wilkinson Ottawa Discusses GM’s Recent Changes to Reduce Emissions

Bob Wilkinson Ottawa discussed GM’s recent changes to go greener and reduce emissions. 

The year 2035 will serve as a monumental one for General Motors. This is the year that GM has set as its goal for eliminating tailpipe emissions from its entire line of vehicles. Auto industry worker Bob Wilkinson Ottawa recently discussed this major milestone.

“GM is the third-largest automaker in the world,” Bob Wilkinson Ottawa said. “This is a huge move for the industry and for the environment.”

Bob Wilkinson Ottawa explained that the CEO of GM Mary Barra recently announced the plan to eliminate emissions alongside another plan for the entire company to have a net-zero carbon status by the year 2040. This net-zero status would mean eliminating all emissions from GM factories as well.

GM is not the only company to announce a major step toward greener practices. Toyota is pushing 50 percent electrification in its vehicles by 2025. This means we’ll be seeing drastically more hybrid, battery-electric, plug-in, and fuel cell electric Toyotas on the streets in the coming years. Bob Wilkinson Ottawa added that Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are also taking steps toward manufacturing solely electric vehicles.

“Until now, people have seen electric vehicles as a thing of the future,” Bob Wilkinson Ottawa said. “However, they’re actually the present. It’s not far-fetched to think that all-electric vehicles can be embraced by the masses and still be profitable for automakers too.”

GM will also be offering 30 new electric vehicles in the next four years. Bob Wilkinson Ottawa explained that the company has announced it will be able to produce electric vehicles in all styles and at all price points, so customers needn’t worry about the previously high cost of EVs. The company is working to take a competitive advantage by developing new software, batteries, manufacturing processes, and more.

New Ultium batteries are expected to cost roughly 60 percent less than the batteries that are used in electric vehicles today. This has the ability to completely transform the EV industry by making electric vehicles affordable for a drastically larger percentage of people.

“GM wants to become part of the solution to climate change,” Bob Wilkinson Ottawa said. “They’re leading by example and other automakers are hopping on board.”

Bob Wilkinson Ottawa added that this shift is a strategic move by GM as customers are increasingly favoring items that are better for the environment. New Ultium battery cells are also being manufactured in Lordstown, Ohio, further increasing the appeal among American buyers.

“We’re thankful that GM has taken these steps toward a greener future, and we look forward to seeing even more automakers hop on board,” Bob Wilkinson Ottawa finished.

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