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Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Suggests Folks Looking to Buy a Car Consider These Factors

Bobby Wilkinson of Ottawa Suggests Folks Looking to Buy a Car Consider These Factors

Bobby Wilkinson, a leading Ottawa car salesperson, is going to share some must-know insights when buying a car.

Buying a car is a big commitment. Data suggests that the average new car in Canada costs north of $40,000. In the United States and elsewhere, cars are likewise costly. That’s why it’s important to find the car that’s right for you and your family. Bobby Wilkinson, a leading car salesperson in Ottawa, is going to share some industry insights everyone should keep in mind when looking for a new car.

“First, you want to approach buying a car from a practical point of view,” Bobby Wilkinson of Ottawa says, “this is especially true if you don’t have money to burn. You may want to buy a large truck, but a small SUV could serve just as well when carting groceries and kids around town.”

SUVs have become especially popular in recent years, and some carmakers, including Detroit’s Big 3, have all but stopped producing family cars. Now, many companies offer a range of SUVs, which are often favored by drivers. Still, you may be able to find an excellent deal on a traditional car that offers nearly as much functionality as an SUV at a lower price.

When shopping for cars, many shoppers first focus on the monthly payment. However, this payment may fail to capture the full cost of ownership. When figuring out your budget, make sure you take other costs into account.

“If you focus solely on the lease payment or monthly loan premium, you’re making a mistake,” Bobby Wilkinson from Ottawa argues. “You need to also consider gas mileage, insurance costs, and maintenance. Some vehicles have much higher insurance than other vehicles, for example, so figure those costs out first.”

A sports car with a powerful engine can be a lot of fun to drive. However, you’ll often have to pay more in insurance compared to a family sedan, SUV, or crossover. And in terms of daily driving, you may find that you never actually need all that extra speed.

Another thing car buyers need to consider is interest rates. You may get different interest rate offers from different dealers and lenders. By increasing your down payment, you can sometimes lower the interest rate charged. Make sure you calculate the full costs over the life of the loan.

Bobby Wilkinson from Ottawa Explains How You Can Find The Car That Suits Your Needs

Finding the right car can be difficult. There are so many styles and choices that it can be overwhelming. If you pick up the wrong vehicle, you may find that it doesn’t suit your needs, and you may end up in the market for another car sooner than anticipated.

“If you have a family or are planning to start one, you’ll typically want a vehicle with four doors,” Bobby Wilkinson of Ottawa points out. “High safety ratings are also important. And you’ll want safety features like blindspot warnings and rear-facing cameras.”

Meanwhile, if you live in Ottawa, elsewhere in Canada, the Northern United States, or anywhere similar, there are some features you should pay close attention to.

“Four-wheel or all-wheel drive is smart given the snow often seen in Ottawa and elsewhere,” Bobby Wilkinson says. “Emergency response services and other safety features are especially important for families living in Canada, or anywhere prone to snow and ice.”

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