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Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Wants to Drive Like a Pro Racer

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa like the rest of us learned how to drive a car in the confines of our parent’s vehicle. That’s all well and good, but a large portion of that group like Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa want to drive like a pro racer.

This notion is more about honing your own driving skills because you cannot steer, brake and hit the accelerator simultaneously. Drivers like Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa want to gain proven driving techniques that are used by pro racers every time they get behind a wheel. Hopefully, over time, you will become a better driver in your own daily commute. Smoothness is the biggest indicator of a person’s driving skills.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Never Focus on the Car in Front of Your Vehicle

When traveling along the road, try not to focus too much on the vehicle ahead of you. Over time, your own driving habits will mimic them and the results could be dangerous. The biggest danger is your reaction time will lessen which could cause a major accident on the roadway. To adjust your eyes to this new technique, try focusing on different spots ahead on the road. This will help to lessen your tendency to either oversteer or understeer, which becomes dangerous if the road conditions get slippery.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Try Looking Approximately 500 Yards Down the Road

In all driver classes, we have been taught to keep our eyes on the road at all times. Unfortunately, most drivers believe that means just looking over their front bumper. But, pro racers will suggest to look approximately 500 yards down the road. This will allow you to see spaces between other moving vehicles on your drive, which will keep you moving forward without delay. Keep your eyes scanning horizontally as this provides ample reaction time to any potential hazard on the road or a reckless driver ahead.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Keep Your Hands at 9 and 3 on the Steering Wheel

Pro racers laugh at the notion of keeping your hands at the “10 and 2” position on the steering wheel. They will point out to drivers like Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa that this technique makes it hard to keep your car balanced while maximizing your speed on the road. The “9 and 3” technique keeps their car facing forward if they momentarily lose control of the vehicle. Keeping your hands at “10 and 2” will tend to put your car sideways rather than straight ahead when trying to avoid colliding with another vehicle.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Try Braking With Your Left Foot

Most drivers like Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa use this technique while using their right foot to hold the clutch down when shifting gears. Pro racers keep their left foot slightly above the brake pedal during a race. This technique will help them to slow down because of an emergency taking place further down the course. For everyday drivers like Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa, it will help them to avoid a pileup on a busy highway.

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